Talks with Authors: A Dubious Expediency

August 3, 2021

Gail Heriot and Maimon Schwarzschild discuss their recent book, which is a collection of essays examining the impact of racial diversity preferences in American colleges and universities.

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The Implications of the Latest Congressional Review Act Disapprovals

July 28, 2021

Professors Jonathan Adler and Todd Gaziano discuss the CRA and its use on 3 rules earlier this year.

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Government Funding of Medical Innovations: High Tech or Low Tech?

July 23, 2021

How do we intelligently allocate medical spending between specialized high tech tools and low tech devices?

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Immigration Policymaking in the Biden Administration

July 14, 2021

An expert panel debates the appropriate regulatory process for immigration policymaking.

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A Dawning Era for Vertical Mergers? The New Vertical Merger Guidelines, the FTC’s Challenge to Illumina/Grail, and the Future of Enforcement

July 9, 2021

A panel of experts discusses the recent developments in the vertical merger space, the theories at issue in the Illumina/Grail case, and implications for future enforcement activity.

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Net Neutrality and the Evolving Internet

July 1, 2021

Does net neutrality improve or hinder competition? Is it better for the consumer?

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How Should Flavored Vapes Be Regulated?

June 21, 2021

Should flavored nicotine vapes be banned because they might contribute to youth addiction, or should flavors be allowed because they encourage adult smokers to switch to vaping?

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The Path Forward on Agency Guidance

June 21, 2021

On Friday, June 18, the Regulatory Transparency Project hosted a panel discussion on all things agency guidance.

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Talks with Authors: Administrative Law Theory and Fundamentals: An Integrated Approach

June 11, 2021

Professors Ilan Wurman and Richard Epstein discuss Professor Wurman’s new casebook on administrative law.

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Telehealth: The Regulatory Frontier

May 27, 2021

In this Fourth Branch video, medical professionals and legal experts examine the debates over the regulation of telehealth.

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