Deep Dive Episode 28 – Virginia’s (Un)happy Hour: Is the State Restricting Ads and Economic Rights?

In Virginia, it’s perfectly legal to have a happy hour; it’s just illegal to talk about it. The state has several advertising restrictions that opponents claim are outdated and prevent businesses from communicating entirely truthful information about their legal happy hour practices–including the price of any drink. These laws affect entrepreneurs like Chef Geoff Tracy, who owns three restaurants in the DC metro area.

In this live podcast, Chef Geoff tells his story of how these restrictions have driven up the cost of doing business, how they have forced him to alter his successful business model, and why he ultimately decided to sue Virginia over them. Chef Geoff’s attorney, Anastasia Boden of the Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF), will discuss the lawsuit, explaining why she believes economic regulations are a growing threat to businesses and share what PLF is doing to fight for economic liberty and free speech in the courts.

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Anastasia P. Boden

Senior Attorney, Economic Liberty Project

Pacific Legal Foundation

Geoffrey Tracy


Chef Geoff’s

State & Local

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