About the Project

In the ultra-complex and interconnected digital age in which we live, government must issue and enforce regulations to protect public health and safety. However, despite the best of intentions, government regulation canĀ fail, stifle innovation, foreclose opportunity, and harm the most vulnerable among us. It is for precisely these reasons that we must be diligent in reviewing how regulations either succeed or fail us, and think about how we might improve them.

Founded in 2016, the Regulatory Transparency Project aims to identify areas in which regulatory policies can be improved and to foster a national conversation on the potential harms that regulations can create when not reviewed with a critical eye. To this end, the Regulatory Transparency Project’s working groups have produced papers, videos, and podcasts on various regulatory topics. We invite you to join in this examination and to share your stories if you or a friend have benefited from or been adversely affected by regulation.

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