California’s AB-5 Law: Who can be considered an “independent contractor”?

In 2019, California passed AB-5, a law that mandates that most workers should be considered “employees” rather than “independent contractors.” Advocates claim that this law will offer more protection for all workers. Opponents state that this law will stifle innovation and deprive workers of the independence to structure their own relationships.

Alida Kass of the New Jersey Civil Justice Institute explores how the California law compares to other states and the issues that it may raise for workers.

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Differing Views:

“California wants to hit the accelerator on Uber, Lyft drivers becoming employees”

“The California Contagion Infecting Entrepreneurialism in America”

“A flood of proposed changes to California’s AB 5 awaits state lawmakers”

Alida Kass


New Jersey Civil Justice Institute

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