Food & Free Speech: Debating the Role of Labeling Regulation

Though the average grocery shopper would never know it, the proliferation of vegan and non-dairy substitute foods has sparked a fierce debate over how food producers label their products. Should producers of non-dairy substitutes be able to use words like “butter” and dairy-related imagery in their marketing? Does potential confusion among consumers justify government intervention to mandate certain terminology? In this Fourth Branch video, experts and stakeholders on each side of the debate dive into these questions and more.

Differing Views:

“Vegan company Miyoko’s Creamery sues California over labeling restrictions”

“Miyoko’s Kitchen can call its plant-based products ‘butter,’ judge rules”

“America’s Cattle Ranchers Are Fighting Back Against Fake Meat”

“Judge Rules Vegan ‘Butter’ Can Be Labeled as ‘Vegan Butter’”

Clay Detlefsen

Senior Vice President, Regulatory & Environmental Affairs

National Milk Producers Federation

Jennifer Malott

Co-Owner and Operator

Misty Meadow Farms

Kent Messer

S. Hallock du Pont Professor, Director of the Center for Experimental & Applied Economics

University of Delaware

Elizabeth Putsche

Communications Director

Animal Legal Defense Fund

Miyoko Schinner

Founder & CEO

Miyoko's Creamery

FDA & Health

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