In-depth analysis of federal, state, and local regulatory policies and their potential implications.

Deep Dive Episode 200 – Corporate Social Responsibility, Investment Strategy, and Liability Risks

October 13, 2021

A distinguished panel joins us to discuss a new paper that examines the legal implications of the rise of “ESG” investing.

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Deep Dive Episode 199 – Pass or Fail? Grading the NLRB, EEOC, and DoL

September 28, 2021

An expert panel debates the recent performance of three labor-focused regulatory bodies.

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Deep Dive Episode 198 – Eyes to The Sky: Privacy, Property, Innovation, and Commerce in The Age Of The Drone

September 20, 2021

The editor and two of the co-authors of a new book joined us for a panel discussion of key legal and policy issues in “The Age of the Drone.”

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Deep Dive Episode 197 – Competition at a Crossroads: Will the Executive Order on Competition Advance Competition, or Restrict It?

September 10, 2021

A distinguished panel joined us to lay out the arguments behind and implications of Biden’s executive order on competition.

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Deep Dive Episode 196 – Brace Yourself: Discussing The ATF’s Rulemaking On Forearm Stabilizing

September 8, 2021

An expert panel debates a proposed rule that could subject almost all firearms with forearm stabilizing braces to the National Firearms Act of 1934.

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Deep Dive Episode 195 – President Biden’s Executive Order on Foreign-Controlled Apps

September 2, 2021

An expert panel breaks down Biden’s executive order on foreign-controlled apps and its implications for relations between the United States and its foreign adversaries.

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Deep Dive Episode 194 – Examining the CDC’s Eviction Moratorium

August 25, 2021

Top experts dive deep into the legal issues surrounding the CDC’s eviction moratorium and the relief sought by both landlords and renters.

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Deep Dive Episode 193 – Arthrex: The End of Patent Exceptionalism in the Administrative State?

August 18, 2021

An expert panel discusses the Supreme Court’s Arthrex decision and the effects it may have in patent and administrative law and the innovation economy.

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Deep Dive Episode 192 – Gender Based Board Quotas, the Fourteenth Amendment, and Meland v. Weber

August 10, 2021

An expert panel discusses the underlying law and the likely next steps in Meland v. Weber, a case regarding gender based corporate board quotas in California.

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Deep Dive Episode 191 – Talks with Authors: A Dubious Expediency

August 3, 2021

Gail Heriot and Maimon Schwarzschild discuss their recent book, which is a collection of essays examining the impact of racial diversity preferences in American colleges and universities.

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