Deep Dive Episode 156 – Incentivizing Drug Development: Patents or Prizes?

January 21, 2021

In this live podcast, experts debate which legal rules and institutions are best-suited to promote the development and commercialization of new drugs and vaccines.

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Deep Dive Episode 155 – International Reference Pricing and Negotiation: Yes or No?

January 13, 2021

Adam Mossoff and Wendell Primus join the podcast for a discussion of international reference drug pricing.

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Deep Dive Episode 154 – Tech Policy Under the Biden Administration and 117th Congress

January 6, 2021

How might the approach to regulation of the new presidential administration and Congress impact innovation and the tech industry?

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Deep Dive Episode 153 – Reboot Conversations: The Future of Drone Policy

December 29, 2020

An expert panel discusses the future of drone policy in a Lincoln Network Reboot Conversation co-sponsored by the Regulatory Transparency Project.

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Explainer Episode 21 – How is Insurance Regulated?

December 23, 2020

Ian Adams discusses how insurance is regulated in the United States and explains how emerging technologies are poised to disrupt the industry.

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Deep Dive Episode 152 – COVID-19 Regulatory Waivers and Suspensions: What Will the Biden Administration Do?

December 21, 2020

Will the Biden administration continue existing waivers and suspensions as is, or will it take a new tack on regulatory flexibility during the continuing pandemic?

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Deep Dive Episode 151 – Public Input in Agency Rulemaking

December 17, 2020

An expert panel considers the legal and policy issues surrounding whether, and how, an agency should take account of public comments in rulemaking.

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Tech Roundup Episode 12 – Airspace and Drone Regulations

December 16, 2020

Brent Skorup discusses the current state of drone technology and the history of airspace and drone regulations in the United States.

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Deep Dive Episode 150 – Regulating Business in the Age of COVID-19

December 10, 2020

In this live podcast, Brian Kabateck, Luke Wake, and Clark Neily address vital questions raised by COVID-19, including whether this is the right time for states to liberalize economic regulations more generally.

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Explainer Episode 20 – COVID-19 Vaccine Approval and Distribution

December 9, 2020

Joel Zinberg joins the podcast to discuss a range of COVID-19 vaccine questions.

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