Julie Friedman Steele

CEO & Board Chair

World Future Society

Julie Friedman Steele is on the Board of Advisors of the United Nations Women for Peace and the Board Chair, and driving force, behind the World Future Society, the most influential international authority for the past 50 years in future thinking.

With a background in education, AI & technology, entertainment, science and child advocacy, Julie is working to realize the vision that utilizing a futurist mindset in education will change the world. She is passionate about emerging technology and accelerating its adoption to make complex technology tools accessible to all. Julie thrives at the cutting edge of disruption and empathy.

Julie is a regular keynote speaker and panelist including for universities discussing the future of education and jobs, TEDX, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, TechWeek, the International Manufacturing Trade Show, and the Chicago Innovation Awards, to name a few. Since becoming Board Chair of the World Future Society, she has advised governments and world leaders across the globe.

Julie has garnered national and international media attention appearing in over 20 countries in print, radio, and television including The Today Show, Al Jazeera, Vanity Fair Italy, Time Magazine, and a profile in Entrepreneur Magazine. She has also been named by The Chicago Tribune as a top 100 Innovator in the City.

As a social entrepreneur and producer Julie created The 3D Printer Experience (3DPX), built an International MPEG standard to make all TV and Film video content searchable and indexable on the internet and produced and directed the Genesis Award winning documentary, Best Friend Forgotten starring actor David Duchovny.

Julie studied biochemistry and molecular biology at Boston University, Music Synthesis at the famed Berklee College of Music, and Artificial Intelligence through Stanford University. With a background in stand-up comedy, Julie brings a fresh and passionate approach to her advisory roles and appearances.