We Must Scale Back the Regulatory Structure Left to Us by the Progressives

The new Congress has convened with the Democrats in control of the House. Committee chairs are gearing up for aggressive oversight hearings, far-reaching investigations, and probable impeachment proceedings. The “resistance” has a home. The political atmosphere is charged with anticipation of looming conflict, and filled with speculation about the future of the Trump presidency and its policy initiatives.

Some of the administration’s most significant initiatives to date have been to implement by executive action a bold series of regulatory rollbacks and reforms. As a result of these deregulatory initiatives, American families and businesses have saved more than $30 Billion. This cost cutting, and the administration’s clear commitment to rein in an overreaching administrative state, helped to turbocharge the economic expansion of the past two years.

With government power now divided, the outlook for continued deregulation and regulatory reform is uncertain. While the administration can continue to deregulate by executive action, there is no chance that its efforts will be supported by legislation. Indeed, the Democratic House can be expected to push back with gale force oversight hearings. While oppositional oversight cannot, by itself, overturn the administration’s prior deregulatory actions, the significant staff time and resources needed to prepare testimony, respond to information requests, and rebut criticisms can prove to be a draining distraction that lessons the impetus for further reform.

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