Washington’s wacky booze regulation still on the books, a century after Prohibition

Don Chareunsy

Monday marks 100 years since Congress passed the 18th Amendment that started Prohibition, which banned the production, import, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages in the United States.

To mark the anniversary of this day, liquor distributor Drizly has compiled a list of 10 of the most bizarre local alcohol regulations, and a Washington state law made the list.

From beer and soup brewing to wine and tea cups, here is the list of 10 wacky city and state laws. All but two are technically still in effect.

Washington state: It is against the law to destroy a beer bottle or cask.

Idaho: Only one in every 1,500 people is allowed a liquor license.

Kansas: It is illegal to serve wine in a tea cup (repealed).

Nebraska: Bar owners must simultaneously brew soup if they are selling beer (repealed).

Oklahoma: If a beer is more than 4% alcohol, it must be sold at room temperature.

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