Want to own more than 3 cats? Get a license

How much feline is too much feline in the town of Dudley, Mass.?

The answer: If you have four of the furry four-legged friends without a special license, you’ve gone too far.

The town made it illegal this week to own more than three cats without getting a $50 residential kennel license. Voters at a town meeting added language to a town bylaw that makes it illegal to own more than three cats without the special license.

The change came in response to a neighborhood feud over the 15 cats owned by Mary Ellen Richards.

The Telegram & Gazette of Worcester reported that one neighbor claimed the cats have ruined his yard. Another neighbor alleged that her 2-year-old daughter contracted Coxsackie virus, also known as hand-foot-and-mouth disease, from a toy or ball that likely came into contact with cat feces.

Richards said all the cats in her care have received veterinary care and are up to date on all their shots. She works with the organization Willy’s Kitty Angels Rescue, which traps feral and stray cats to control the population. Richards takes cats to free clinics to have them spayed or neutered and helps them find foster homes in other towns.

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