The New York City Restaurant Business Is So Much More Than Just The Center Of The Plate

Gary Occhiogrosso

The restaurant business in New York City is like no other business in the world. The rent structure, the volume of business, minimum wage pay scale, spotlight and notoriety, 3rd party online order, celeb chefs, and delivery platforms, as well as the ever-increasing regulation set forth by NYC, make operating a restaurant in NYC exciting, exhausting, and sometimes as nerve-wracking as bungee jumping. As a result, national organizations established to support restaurant operators in other parts of the country very often do not connect with restaurant issues in New York City. The unique rewards and challenges facing restaurateurs are often more complicated, misunderstood, or not embraced at all. As a franchise consultant in the restaurant development space, my experience has been that when it comes to addressing and assisting restaurateurs in New York, one size does not fit all.

Enter Andrew Rigie, the Executive Director of The New York City Hospitality Alliance (The Alliance). He is a driving force, spearheading the voice of NYC restaurants. Informed, in touch, and relentless in his pursuit to advocate for NYC restaurant operators. His actions and organization have, in my opinion, done more to address and find solutions for restaurateurs in NYC than any other entity I’ve encountered.

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