Gig Economy Regulations Stifling Businesses And Consumers, Chamber Charges

Ted Knutson

Aggressive new gig economy regulations in the states will suppress business opportunities and limit consumer choice and services, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce charged today.

“At stake is the flexibility and independence that have made “side gigs” or second jobs an important part of how millions of Americans support themselves and their families,” Chamber CEO Tom Donohue asserted in his annual State of American Business address.

He praised gig businesses for creating innovation in everything from home repair to grocery delivery.

Donohue’s criticism of state gig regulations was accompanied by a 51-page Chamber report warning of the impact:

The report claims the laws and rules hurt those they are designed to help by reducing the availability of gig work and shrinking the flexibility gig workers prize in of working when they want, where they want, and as much as they want.

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