The Class of 2019 is entering an economy of opportunity

With degrees in hand, the Class of 2019 is eager to enter the workforce and earn some cash. Luckily, they are stepping into a white-hot economy oozing with opportunity.

The outlook is rosy. There are more than 7 million job openings in the country — a level nearing an all-time high. At the same time, unemployment is at the lowest level since 1969. Combined, these two factors create an environment that is not only welcoming for traditional college graduates, but those who completed trade or vocational school.

Additionally, many employers are reporting that while open positions are abundant, few are currently qualified to take advantage of the opportunities. This plays into the Class of 2019’s favor, allowing new graduates to enter a workforce hungry for educated and skilled job applicants.

This crop of graduates is lucky to be inheriting such a healthy economy. America was in the midst of the Great Recession just a decade ago.

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