Sununu: Over 1,600 State Regulations Are ‘Unnecessary’ – Need To Go

In one of his first acts after being inaugurated in January, Governor Chris Sununu asked department heads to compile a list of state regulations that could be stricken from the books.

That review has now resulted in more than 1,600 regulations that Sununu said need to go.

Sununu traveled to a hair salon in the town of Winchester to make a point about what he considers unnecessary regulation. Seated in a barber’s chair with a stack of papers in front of him Sununu grabbed a red marker, drew a huge “X” and fed the sheets…into a nearby shredder.

The location was significant. The hair salon “Cuts On Main” battled with state regulators earlier this year over a painting outside its shop that looks like a barber’s pole. According to New Hampshire law, if you’re not a barber shop – you can’t “advertise” as one.

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Photo: Paige Sutherland/NHPR