Snowball Ban Overturned In Colorado Town After Request From 9-Year-Old Boy

A boy’s quest to throw snowballs legally in his town ended in victory on Monday, when trustees of Severance, Colo., agreed with a request from Dane Best, 9, to overturn a long-held ban on snowball fights. Best won the town board over with cold logic.

“Today’s kids need reasons to play outside,” Best said, according to member station Colorado Public Radio. “Research suggests that a lack of exposure to the outdoors can lead to obesity, ADHD, anxiety and depression.”

Speaking in front of a crowd of residents and media, Best told town trustees that because of the nearly 100-year-old ban, which classified snowballs as a type of missile, he couldn’t throw a snowball without worrying about breaking the law, or getting into trouble.

As he made his case, Best gave “a description of snowball fights (similar to dodgeball),” according to CPR’s Xandra McMahon, who posted a series of tweets from the meeting.

“I feel like half of this attendance is made up of kids,” McMahon wrote. “That’s a lot of 9-year-olds passionate about throwing snowballs.”

Best took up the cause when he learned about the law during a field trip to town hall this fall, according to the Greeley Tribune. Kyle Rietkerk, the assistant to the Severance town administrator, told the newspaper that staffers often mention the snowball ban to young visitors.

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