Seismic Shift In The Regulatory Tide

Susan Dudley

In the two months since he took the oath of office, President Joe Biden has turned the ship of state onto a very different course from his predecessor. Although he enjoys Democratic majorities in Congress, he is not waiting for legislative action and has famously issued more executive orders (37 as of March 8) in his first few weeks than any recent president, addressing issues from immigration to Covid-19, foreign policy, energy and the environment, and more. Like his predecessors, Biden also asserted unilateral authority to take immediate control over the regulatory apparatus, which is the engine that drives policy in many areas.

On his first evening in office, he signed several actions charting the new regulatory course. As I’ve described elsewhere, he froze regulatory actions in the pipeline, revoked several of President Trump’s regulatory process orders, and ordered agencies to undertake specific regulatory actions related to public health and the environment.

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Susan Dudley

Director, GW Regulatory Studies Center & Distinguished Professor of Practice

Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration, George Washington University