Regulation and education are biggest barriers to digital transformation

Digital transformation is not a project or one-time installation but it is an ongoing and continuous evolution, an industry expert said.

It [digital transformation] is disrupting the whole economy and impacting all sectors alike. All the sectors need to automate to cut costs, stay competitive and improve customer experience.

“It is gaining traction in the Gulf countries but at different levels for different entities. The pace of technology development has outpaced the adoption in the industry, which means there is an industrial divide now,” Jay Srage, CEO of technology advisory services company Centrigent and head of operations and lecturer at Michigan Ross Business School, told TechRadar Middle East.

Centrigent was started in 2017 to help enterprises and governments to accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies while the school educates top-level executives on building sustainable strategies in preparation for the digital era in healthcare, retail and finance sectors.

Srage was the former president of Qualcomm for Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe.

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