History Tells Us Social Media Regulation Is Inevitable

Kaleev Leetaru on April 22, 2019.

As policymakers around the world grapple with regulating social media, it seems increasingly likely that the question is not whether social media will face government intervention, but just how consequential those interventions will be. Today’s social titans hail largely from the United States, with its longstanding primacy of near-absolute freedom of speech. As those platforms have evolved into our global town squares, impacting nearly every country on earth, they have become modern lightning rods for the global tension between America’s historical adherence to communicative freedoms compared with the harsh restrictions of the rest of the world. A closer look at America’s own history of communications regulation suggests it is almost inevitable that social platforms will eventually be regulated…

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Changing liquor license regulation in Bismarck?

Megan Hoffman on April 23, 2019.

The Bismarck City Commission is looking at streamlining the liquor license ordinance…

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Court orders EPA to reevaluate Obama-era power plant wastewater rule

Miranda Green on April 15, 2019.

A federal appeals court is sending the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) back to the drawing board over its wastewater regulations in a ruling that compares them to a Commodore 64 home computer…

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NYC: A regulation wonderland, a small business nightmare

Gene Marks on April 20, 2019

As a lifelong Philadelphian, I’ve never had much sympathy for the plight of New Yorkers, particularly Mets fans. But that’s all changing. I feel pretty bad for people trying to run a small business in that town. Believe me, Philadelphia has its challenges, but for small operators in the Big Apple, it’s a much tougher life…

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James Broughel on April 01, 2019

Hitting the ground running, Governor Little recently signed two executive orders taking aim at unnecessary regulations affecting Idahoans. His actions are part of a growing trend, as states and even the federal government create innovative “budgets” for red tape. Other states should take notice of Idaho’s leadership…

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How independent are government agencies? OMB’s move on ‘major’ rules may tell us

Bridget C.E. Dooling on April 13, 2019

The departure of Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen thrust the issue of vacancies back into the spotlight this week. This comes with worries that acting officials lack the influence needed to achieve their mission. Acting officials at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) yesterday served up a fresh test of this concern…

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Pain Patients Get Relief From Regulation

Sally Satel on April 14, 2019

In a span of 24 hours, the prospects for chronic pain patients treated with opioid medication vastly improved. On April 9, the Food and Drug Administration made official what hundreds of doctors have been saying for years: Patients whose intractable pain is being treated with opioids should move off them slowly, if they are to be tapered at all.

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Is the Fiduciary Rule Dead?

Gregory F. Jacob on April 10, 2019

On March 15, 2018, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit struck down the controversial Fiduciary Rule” in a decision by Judge Edith Jones that was none too subtle concerning its intended effect. The court noted that the Administrative Procedure Act requires a court to “hold unlawful and set aside agency action” that it determines is “arbitrary, capricious, … not in accordance with law” or not in accordance with statutory limitations. The opinion concluded with the words “we reverse the judgment of the district court and vacate the Fiduciary Rule in toto.”

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Councilman proposes change to Philly bidding system to boost small businesses

WHYY on April 12, 2019

Philadelphia Councilman Derek Green wants to make it easier for small businesses to win contracts with the city…

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GBHS concerned about pet store regulation bill

Catherine Patterson on April 08, 2019.

There’s growing concern over a pet store regulation bill called Senate Bill 183…

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