Regulatory Reset

Susan Dudley

February 19, 2021

Upon taking office in January, President Joe Biden wasted no time in setting the federal government on a regulatory path very different from his predecessor.

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FDA’s distillery fiasco illustrates why arbitrary regulation is a problem

Oliver Dunford

February 10, 2021

This episode highlights the arbitrariness of modern government regulation, which threatens the entrepreneurial risk-taking required for innovation and production.

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Sen. Warner to unveil bill reining in Section 230, seeking to help users fight back against real-world harm

Tony Romm

February 5, 2021

Sen. Mark R. Warner is set to introduce a bill that could hold Facebook, Google and other tech giants more directly accountable when viral posts and videos result in real-world harm.

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The regulatory savvy of Biden’s early executive actions

Bridget Dooling

January 27, 2021

The new administration grabbed headlines with early executive actions on climate, COVID-19 response, racial equity, immigration, and more. But three less heralded Inauguration Day actions are likely to be equally significant for the regulatory system as whole.

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Why Is Israel Doing Better Than Everyone Else in COVID Vaccinations?

Joel Zinberg

January 19, 2021

Eleven years ago, Dan Senor and Saul Singer dubbed Israel the “Start Up Nation” for its disproportionately large number of technology start-ups and NASDAQ stock listings. Make way for the Vaccination Nation.

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Supreme Court Case Tests FTC’s Powers to Recoup Ill-Gotten Gains

Brent Kendall

January 14, 2021

Supreme Court justices voiced mixed views Wednesday about whether a U.S. consumer-protection agency has broad authority to demand that defendants who cheat or deceive the public must return the money they gain from that activity.

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EPA rule exempts many polluting industries from future air regulations

Rebecca Beitsch

January 12, 2021

The EPA on Tuesday finalized a rule that would allow future greenhouse gas limits only on power plants, sidestepping oversight over the oil and gas industry, iron and steel manufacturers and other polluting industries.

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FCC Chair Says He’s Dropping Social Media Order Trump Demanded

Todd Shields

January 8, 2021

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai said he won’t move forward with an order trimming a liability shield for social media companies, effectively killing the request from President Donald Trump.

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FAA outlines new rules for drones and their operators

Associated Press

January 5, 2021

Federal officials say they will allow operators to fly small drones over people and at night, potentially giving a boost to commercial use of the machines.

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Tech Giants Face New Rules in Europe, Backed by Huge Fines

Sam Schechner

December 15, 2020

European officials want new powers to oversee internal workings at large technology companies such as Facebook Inc., backed by threats of multibillion-dollar fines, as they seek to expand their role as global tech enforcers.

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