New RI law removes regulations on hair braiders

Lindsay Iadeluca

Gov. Gina Raimondo signed a bill Friday to deregulate hair braiding in Rhode Island.

Braiding natural hair uses no chemicals or dyes, and it’s a practice that’s been passed down through generations in many cultures.

Hair braiders in Rhode Island will no longer need cosmetology or barber licenses.

It was a regulation the governor and others, like state Rep. Anastasia Williams and state Sen. Ana Quezada agreed was hindering small business in the state.

“For too long, hair braiders were burdened with training and licensing requirements. The bill I signed today removes regulations and makes it easier to do business in” Rhode Island, Raimondo said in a tweet.

The lead advocate of the bill, Jocelyn Docouto, said it all began when she was unable to open her own salon years ago.