Little announces ‘Red Tape Reduction’ effort

Idaho Gov. Brad Little took aim at 8,278 pages of administrative rules Thursday, saying it’s time to “rejuvenate” the state’s outdated regulatory code.

In the first two executive orders of his time in office, Little ordered state agencies to eliminate two regulations for every new one they create. In addition, he wants them to provide a “business/competitiveness” analysis for any proposed rule, indicating what effect it would have on individuals and small businesses.

Continuing an effort he began as lieutenant governor two years ago, Little also ordered new sunrise and sunset restrictions for Idaho’s lengthy list of occupational licenses.

“One of my goals as governor is to make sure Idahoans have the utmost confidence in their government,” he said during a ceremonial signing event Thursday. “Both of these executive orders take steps to make government simpler for citizens.”

Besides the two-for-one requirement and competitiveness analysis, Little’s “Red Tape Reduction” order directs rule-making agencies to designate a rules review officer.

The role of the officer is to “undertake a critical and comprehensive review of the agency’s administrative rules to identify costly, ineffective or outdated regulations,” according to the executive order.

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