Keep Meatpacking Plants Closed. Get Cultured Meat Factories Open.

Chase Purdy

COVID-19 is the latest reminder that the U.S. meat supply chain needs to change. It isn’t transparent, it isn’t safe for workers, and its biggest weakness, revealed during the pandemic, is the way a handful of companies have structured the now highly consolidated industry.

Cell-cultured meat could answer all these of problems.

Produced in a sterile environment, cultured meat is real meat that’s made by growing cells from cows, pigs, and chickens into fat and muscle tissue. It offers the promise of real meat with none of the drawbacks: No animals are slaughtered, the process causes a small fraction of the environmental degradation inflicted by the current system, and no employees are tasked with the dangerous job of ripping apart carcasses and packaging meat for sale in tight quarters. After years of research and development, simple meat items are now being produced and are close to being ready for the market, items such as meatballs, chicken tenders, duck chorizo, and foie gras.

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