Important Legislation Would Finally Allow Kids To Operate Lemonade Stands Without Permits

Did you know that operating a lemonade stand without a permit is a fineable offense in the state of Jerk York? Just last year, Health Department officials shut down a 7-year-old boy’s lemonade stand for not having the $30 selling permit. But that arcane rule could be lifted with proposed legislation that would end the tyranny of lemonade permits.

The NY Post reports that the bill, called “Brendan’s Lemon-Aid Law” after the child who was busted for his rogue lemonade stand last year, has sailed through the state Senate Health Committee with bipartisan support. Finally, Democrats and Republicans have found an issue to unite on: the entrepreneurial spirit of children whose spirits haven’t been crushed by endless debt and the existential dread of late stage capitalism.

“There’s nothing that says America more than apple pie and kids running lemonade stands,” said bill sponsor and Republican state Sen. Jim Tedesco. “It’s a sad commentary on the current state of New York state’s government that this legislation is needed to protect the entrepreneurial dreams of children selling lemonade,” he added. “Kids like Brendan Mulvaney are trying to give people sweet lemonade and learn some important business skills but the overzealous state bureaucrats just keep giving taxpayers lemons.”

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