Homemade Food Could Soon Be Easier To Sell (And Buy) In D.C.

Gabe Bullard

Fatima Miller has long impressed her friends with her cooking — everything from first-course cheese plates to decadent desserts. She wondered whether there might be more fans of her cooking, perhaps some who might even pay for it.

“I really would like to give myself the chance to get started, test the waters, so to speak,” she says.

But that’s not so easily done in D.C. Besides requiring the typical paperwork and inspections, the law limits the sale of homemade food to farmer’s markets or similar events. It also caps revenue at $25,000 — a tidy sum, but not enough to live on.

The District is now poised to lift those limits. For Miller, that means her small kitchen in Southwest D.C. could be the source of some extra money, or, eventually, a new workplace.

“I’m a disabled vet — and fortunately, I can work, but if there are times when my disabilities will hamper me being able to go into an office, I will have another source of revenue or stream of income,” she says. “That means so much more to have that available to me.”

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