Harford County enforces basketball hoop regulation, angering some residents whose hoops were removed

Rich Szumlanski’s grandsons played basketball in the court of his Amyclae neighborhood in Bel Air all the time. So did other neighborhood children — until the county took his hoop away.

“The whole street, including parents, play with the hoop,” Szumlanski said. “Now my grandsons don’t have their hoop, nor do any of the other children.”

He’s aggravated over the whole process — a letter from the county telling him he needed to remove his portable hoop from the right of way then the county coming to remove it on Jan, 25 — and the resources the county used.

“I understand there are problems with funding for the schools, there are holes in the road,” Szumlanski said, “and they’re going to take away basketball hoops.”

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