Freelancers should watch out for backroom deals in Trenton | Kass

Alida Kass

It’s been strangely quiet on the independent contractor front.

Just a few weeks ago, legislation that would crush freelance workers with the most restrictive employment test in the country was a top priority.  The bill flew back and forth between New Jersey’s Senate and Assembly committees, as sponsors struggled in vain to find the votes that would get it done.

Today, that legislation has been reintroduced, but the committee of jurisdiction has met twice, with no discussion of S863. The assemblyman who sponsored the companion bill last session hasn’t even reintroduced his Assembly version.

Does this mean legislators are watching the ongoing disaster with California’s AB5, which is based on the same ABC employment test in New Jersey’s S863, and realizing nothing good could come of adopting a similar set of problems here?

Could legislators be taking this time to develop a measured and thoughtful approach that updates worker classification standards to reflect the innovative work freelancers do and stop trying to cram individuals into a 1930s-style employment model?

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