Food truck owners worried city is trying to drive away their business

Food truck lovers who’ve gotten in the habit of getting their grub at a specific spot might have to make an effort to find their favorite mobile restaurant if proposed rules are put in place.

The proposed ordinance would force food trucks to sell from designated zones at specific times, and was roundly criticized Tuesday by entrepreneurs at the first of two public hearings meant to solicit public input.

It’s “a solution in search of a problem,” say food truck operators worried that changes will hurt their business.

Sponsors of the new rules say they’re trying to clarify parking rules, especially downtown, not trying to drive the trucks away.

Heather Yates, of Smok’N Cantina, one of six food truck owners to speak at the hourlong meeting, called the proposed regulations “tremendously confusing and complicated” and added that they could “destroy food trucks in Louisville.”

But Councilman Brandon Coan, a sponsor of the legislation, has said the proposal is meant to streamline existing regulations.

It’s part of an ongoing fight that has even found its way into the federal courts and paved the way for a more open food truck market.

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