Does The Tech Industry Need More Regulation? 12 Tech Experts Weigh In

Regulation of the tech industry is a hot topic right now. Some industry leaders, such as Microsoft’s president, Brad Smith, and Apple CEO Tim Cook have come out in favor of more regulation, while others, such as the chairman of Alibaba, Jack Ma, have offered opposing arguments. While there are certain topics—such as the better protection of consumer data—that most can agree on, some in the industry worry that increased regulations may stifle innovation.

As leaders in their industry, the members of Forbes Technology Council are following these developments closely and have reached their own conclusions based on long experience. Some of these members offer their opinions below.

1. Regulation Can Restore Accountability

It’s hard to imagine our daily lives without tech. Its significant growth over the past 20 years is just unprecedented. There’s no doubt that regulatory intervention is inevitable. However, it’s hard to say where a line should be drawn. Regulation can restore accountability and rebuild trust in tech. It will open up all the decisions made within the tech community for discussion. – Daria LeshchenkoSupportYourApp Inc.

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