COVID-19 Reveals The Power Of Deregulation

Sally Pipes

One of the most effective policy responses to COVID-19 thus far has not been a new government program or infusion of federal funding. Rather, it’s been the deliberate effort by the Trump administration to pare back regulations impeding access to health care.

That work must continue after the pandemic passes.

The dangers posed by heavy-handed government regulation were clear from the first days of the coronavirus crisis. One of the chief reasons it took weeks to ramp up testing is that federal regulations prevented private laboratories from assisting in the effort.

But after a slow start, the administration went on a deregulatory kick. Much of that deregulation has been in telehealth.

Telehealth systems enable patients to consult a doctor remotely using digital technologies like video conferencing. They’re crucial to mitigating the spread of COVID-19 during the height of the pandemic because they allow patients to get medical attention without exposing themselves or others to the virus.

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