Amid Fight Over Regulations, Checker Cab Rebrands In Jacksonville

Checker Cab of Jacksonville may be taking the advice of City Councilman Matt Schellenberg and updating its fleet to compete with app-based transportation companies like Uber and Lyft.

No longer will the cabs sport their classic yellow color. Instead the newly rebranded “zTrip” cars are painted gray.

But zTrip President Bill George told WJCT that those changes go deeper than the paint job.

“We went to a company out of Australia called MTData, and they have a predictive dispatching system that does everything we need to do from a taxi cab standpoint, but it also helps us plan and position cars where they’re going to be needed based on predictive behavior,” George said.

All of that data is fed through the zTrip app, which works like the Uber and Lyft smarthphone apps, allowing riders to hail cars and pay on the spot and to know who’s picking them up. George said zTrip even takes the Uber model a step further by also giving riders the ability to book in advance.

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