Canadians want to keep temporary cuts to red tape

Colin Craig

After COVID-19 hit Canada, governments across the country started to allow restaurants and pubs to sell alcohol with delivery and takeout orders. Many provinces also started to allow doctors to videoconference with patients.

And perhaps most shockingly, some governments even started to allow court participants to submit their documents — wait for it — electronically.

Such newfound freedoms pale in comparison to what we have lost during the pandemic — who would have thought sitting on a park bench in Ottawa could lead to an $880 fine?

But nonetheless, we have seen many positive examples of governments of all political stripes helping people and businesses by loosening restrictions and simplifying their own service provision. In other words, getting out of the way and not complicating matters with bureaucratic morass. has been tracking these changes on our website since the start of the pandemic and we’ve compiled a list of approximately 30 different examples. Earlier this month we commissioned public opinion firm Leger to survey the public about 10 of those examples. The study found a majority of Canadians support relaxing all 10 of the regulations on a permanent basis.

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