Bill would limit regulation of short-term rentals

Short-term rentals have been a controversial topic in West Michigan communities as they have grown in popularity.

Several communities have set a limit on how many are available with zoning ordinances, but a Michigan House of Representatives bill would prevent them from doing that.

Officials and some residents in Grand Haven are opposed to the proposal.

“We know our people and what they want, and they know what to expect from us and we’re directly accountable to the people of our community,” said Grand Haven Councilman Robert Monetza. “So, what we don’t want is more preemption from Lansing.”

House Bill 4046 would prevent local governments from requiring special permits for short-term rentals, which would eliminate a city’s ability to decide where they go or how long the rentals are there.

Barbara Rowe has lived in Grand Haven for nearly 50 years and says she has seen the influx of short-term rentals constantly grow.

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