Barbershop Workers Quit After California Supreme Court Ruling

Some small businesses are scrambling to figure out how to stay afloat after a high court ruling.

A recent California Supreme Court decision is changing the way independent contractors are classified, and it’s already having a big impact on local shops. Many fear it will hurt millions of workers and affect businesses’ bottom lines.

The work doesn’t stop at downtown Sacramento’s Bottle and Barlow, even if it became a one-man shop.

“I lost my entire staff,” said owner Anthony Giannotti.

He says all seven of his barbers quit after a state supreme court ruling that will change their way of work.

“It doesn’t just affect my business, it affects every independent contractor in the state of California,” said Giannotti.

Historically, the cosmetology industry, which includes barbers and hair stylists, have been classified as independent contractors, but that won’t be the case anymore.

Giannotti explains the new rule: “You cannot classify someone as an independent contractor if they offer the same service that is the primary business of the business.”

Photo: © Photo courtesy Pacific Legal Foundation