Are food truck regulations burdensome in Shreveport?

Chuck Wagon Crawfish at Youree and Turtle Creek Drive isn’t classified as a food truck, yet it’s not a restaurant.

It’s a crawfish stand that operates six months out of the year, and unclear city regulations have interrupted business, General Manager William Rice said. The permitting process has been confusing due to ambiguous city rules, according to Rice.

Rice has gone back and forth with the city about what documents he needs to submit. He said one city department tells him he has to comply with a particular code, and another floor of Government Plaza tells him something different.

“We’re hoping this time around when we submit our stuff it doesn’t get crazy,” Rice said.

Rice had to put a sign on a lone picnic table in front of the business saying people can’t sit there because Chuck Wagon isn’t technically a restaurant. For Chuck Wagon to be classified as a restaurant it would have to have handicap-compliant bathrooms and a washing facility.

Rice said residents of a nearby neighborhood complained about the appearance of the food establishment stationed in an unused gravel parking lot.

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