A Question for Brooklyn

The L Train, which carries the beautiful people from their lofts in Williamsburg to their jobs in Manhattan, will be closed for more than a year for repairs beginning in 2019. These repairs are necessary because of damage done to a tunnel by flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy. Writing in AM New York, Lauren Cook offers this account:

In 2012, superstorm Sandy’s storm surge flooded the 100-year-old Canarsie Tunnel under the East River with millions of gallons of salt water, causing severe damage.

In response, the MTA said it would need to shut down the L train between Manhattan and Brooklyn for 15 months beginning in April 2019 so that it could make critical repairs.

Writing in Wired, Alex Davies has a structurally similar account:

In 2012, Superstorm Sandy flooded the the 92-year-old Canarsie tunnel, which takes straphangers under the East River, with 7 million gallons of seawater. So, in just over a year, the stretch of the L subway train that runs from the west side of Manhattan, along 14th St, and through the tunnel into Brooklyn will go on a 15-month hiatus.

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Photo: Lucas Jackson/Reuters