10 predictions for health-care regulation and legislation in 2020

Michael P. Strazzella

As presidential hopefuls jockey for position leading up to election day, health care is set to be perhaps the most hotly debated topic in 2020.

As the pool of presidential candidates continues to make headlines, there will be no shortage of conversation about how to improve the current U.S. health-care system. Candidates will debate everything from rural health care to opioids to cybersecurity.

Several existing bills are also likely to come back into focus as both sides of the aisle push their agendas.

While there’s no way to predict what will happen, we have our ears to the ground in Washington and see several issues to keep a close eye on in 2020. Here’s what we’ll be watching:

  1. Medical bill transparency: Many Americans who have made a trip to the hospital may have seen surprise charges on their bill. These unexpected medical charges tack on dollars and put additional financial pressure on not only patients but insurers as well. A bill aiming to eliminate surprise medical charges gained steam in 2019 but failed to get through both chambers of Congress before the end of the year. Given the bipartisan support behind it, resolving this issue will likely stay top of mind for President Donald Trump and all legislators, with the possible passage in early 2020.

  1. Access to health care in rural America: Nearly 60 million Americans call rural areas home. Yet only 10 percent of physicians practice in these areas. The expansion of telemedicine could help alleviate these access issues. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders say the answer to the affordability factor is Medicare for all. But no matter who wins the presidency, providing quality health care to rural America will remain a priority for Republicans and Democrats alike.

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