Consolidation among meat packers is dangerous. Big government is the cause

Timothy P. Carney on March 19, 2020.

Pork and beef are running low in grocery stores. Cattlemen and pig farmers are suffering as they have nobody to buy their livestock. And slaughterhouse workers are dying of the coronavirus.

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Canadians want to keep temporary cuts to red tape

Colin Craig on May 25, 2020.

After COVID-19 hit Canada, governments across the country started to allow restaurants and pubs to sell alcohol with delivery and takeout orders. Many provinces also started to allow doctors to videoconference with patients.

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Occupational Licensing, Zoning, And Other Regulations Will Delay Recovery From COVID-19

Adam Millsap on May 18, 2020.

The economy has taken a big hit from COVID-19. Since social distancing and government mandated shutdowns began in March, more than 29 million people have filed for unemployment insurance. The April unemployment rate was 14.7%, more than four times larger than the February rate. New research suggests the labor market is undergoing fundamental changes, not just a temporary pause, and that the economic recovery will be slow unless we reform policies that delay the reallocation of workers and capital.

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Coronavirus response reveals many regulations were never necessary to begin with

Shoshana Weissmann on May 07, 2020.

Those of us who have been fighting for occupational licensing reform and other forms of deregulation have been astonished at how quickly many of the same stubborn, unnecessary regulations we’ve fought against for years have now been paused during this pandemic. To be frank, it has proven that we’ve been right all along.

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Pharmacists can meet patients’ needs, unburden system

E. Michael Murphy on April 30, 2020.

The coronavirus pandemic is having unprecedented effects on the country as citizens adapt to social distancing recommendations from public health officials and face financial uncertainty as businesses are forced to close their doors. The national dialogue has been centered around flattening the curve of infection rates…

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Gov In The Time Of Coronavirus

Susand Dudley on May 08, 2020.

The novel coronavirus is still wreaking havoc on the health and welfare of the nation. And while the gears of the economy may have ground to a halt, government regulators have not. Federal agencies are busy issuing new regulations, many of them intended to address coronavirus concerns. They are also waiving existing requirements, either because they could impede responses to the crisis or because social distancing makes compliance challenging…

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Why You Can’t Find Rubbing Alcohol

Jim Doti and Laurence Iannaccone on May 04, 2020.

One of the few everyday consumer items still not available at most stores is good old rubbing alcohol. Unlike the toilet paper shortage caused by irrational hoarding, the coronavirus pandemic has greatly increased the actual need for germ-sanitizing alcohol….

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Deregulate for the Coronavirus Recovery

Adam White on May 03, 2020.

It’s too soon to fix a date for fully reopening the economy, but not to plan for what recovery will require. Fiscal and monetary stimulus are the federal government’s most potent emergency economic tools, but the Trump administration should also look for opportunities to use regulatory relief to amplify the recovery effort. In the short term, the Covid-19 crisis will justify temporary, targeted regulatory relief. In the long term, it will challenge regulators to apply the crisis’ lessons in reforming and modernizing the administrative state.

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COVID-19 Prompts Regulation Rollbacks, And 3 May Have Lasting Effects For Health Care

Nicole Fisher on April 30, 2020.

At the beginning of 2017, the Trump Administration committed to reducing federal regulation and reining in regulatory costs. In fact, Executive Order 13771 was filed on January 20th, 2017 to do just that. Since that time, there has been a significant amount of deregulation across policy arenas such as the environment, labor, and health care. However, the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has infiltrated the legislative and regulatory world – just as it has every other facet of life…

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