FCC Proposes Changing Comment System After WSJ Found Thousands of Fakes

James V. Grimaldi  in The Wall Street Journal on July 11, 2018

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission proposed an overhaul of the agency’s online comment system after millions of fake comments were posted about a recent FCC rule change…

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A Government License to Style Hair? Yep.

Christina Sandefur in In Defense of Liberty on April 17, 2018

I joined the Armstrong & Getty Show yesterday morning to talk about a disturbing and growing trend toward prohibiting people from working or starting a business without first getting permission from government—even if they aren’t posing any health or safety threat to the public…

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Get That Truck Out: A Town’s Pickup Ban Runs Into Blowback

Douglas Belkin in The Wall Street Journal on July 1, 2018

Five years ago, Luke Lambert and his wife bought a red brick house on a tree-lined street in this Chicago suburb. Two years later, he bought a blue 1966 Ford F-100 pickup with plans to fix it up…

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July 4: Trump Moves to End Racial Discrimination by Colleges

Dr. Susan Berry in Breitbart on July 3, 2018

President Donald Trump’s administration has withdrawn legal policies developed by former President Barack Obama which encouraged the use of racial categories to grant or deny university slots…

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Improving Federal Regulation of Medical Algorithms

Benjamin Barsky in The Regulatory Review on July 4, 2018

In emergency situations, doctors have little time to save the lives of trauma patients. Gunshot wounds, car crashes, and other life-threatening harms often cause severe blood loss, which is the leading cause of preventable death when trauma puts patients’ lives on the line…

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Governments can’t handle tech regulation. It’s time for companies to take over

Gillian Hadfield in Quartz on July 2, 2018

As anxiety mounts about the risks we face from driverless cars, artificial intelligence, and social media, it is increasingly common to hear calls for regulation, not only from legislators, but also from the corporate titans that are inventing our future…

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Left-Wing Politicians Wage War on Plastic

Taylor Chaffetz and John-Michael Seibler in The Daily Signal on July 2, 2018

After a ban on non-biodegradable utensils went into effect over the weekend in Seattle, local officials are advising food service businesses to “[s]top using plastic straws and plastic utensils.”

An ordinance pending before the New York City Council would make that city’s food service businesses the next front line in liberal politicians’ war on plastic straws…

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A Yoga Instructor’s Dream Becomes A Nightmare

Christina Sandefur in In Defense of Liberty on April 30, 2018

Angie Hall left her lucrative 16-year corporate career to better people’s lives through yoga and meditation. She worked hard to earn her success and when she discovered yoga, it changed her life…

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What Americans think about creating a new federal agency to oversee the robots

Ashleigh Garrison in CNBC on June 30, 2018

Robots are seeping their way into everyday life, but Americans are split on what the U.S. Federal Government should do about it…

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In Vermont, Pure Outrage Over Pure Syrup

Betsy McKay in The Wall Street Journal on June 26, 2018

Dave and Sue Folino collect sap from their Vermont forest yearly, boiling it down into maple syrup they market as “pure.”

Soon, under a new regulation, the couple may need something else on its labels:…

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