Enforcement & Agency Coercion

Working Group

Aside from official rules and regulations, agencies throughout the federal government have a vast array of powerful administrative and unofficial tools at their disposal to achieve their policy goals.  These powers can be used to place great pressure on companies and individuals to surrender their rights and to submit to the government’s policy preferences.  The ends achieved by these means are dictated only by who is in power at any given time.  This working group will investigate real-world cases of when this coercive power was used and how it affected companies, employees, and consumers.

Featured Experts:

John Allison
James “Jimmy” Conde
Charles “Chuck” Cooper
C. Boyden Gray (Chair)
Adam Gustafson
Michael “Mike” Kelly
Cleta Mitchell
George J. Terwilliger, III
The views and opinions expressed are those of the members of the Working Groups in their personal capacities and not in their official capacities