Deep Dive Episode 31 – Tennessee Licensing Board Alarmed by Entrepreneur’s Facial Recognition Software

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Adam Jackson became a highly trained U.S. soldier who provided cutting-edge security to military bases and embassies. Now as a civilian, he seeks to provide similar protection for American communities through software he has developed that can identify potentially dangerous individuals and prompt a security response before violence occurs. Schools, places of worship, concert venues — all have jumped at the opportunity to use Adam’s service. However, Adam has been barred from utilizing the technology altogether. The Tennessee Alarm Systems Contractors Board considers the software to be an alarm system which requires Adam to undergo a 5-year apprenticeship in alarm system installation before he can obtain a certification to deploy his software. Adam, with the help of the Beacon Center of Tennessee, is challenging the Board’s determination. In the meantime, he has shut down his business while he awaits an administrative resolution to his case.

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Braden Boucek

Vice President of Legal Affairs

Beacon Center of Tennessee

Adam Jackson


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